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Welcome to IT Direct

IT Direct was formed in 2000 with the aim of providing utilities to simplify the management of user networks, User Account Manager was developed first and has sold hundreds of copies in over 17 countries. Printer Connection Manager was created in 2015. Desktop support tool was created in 2017 and comes FREE with any PCM purchase, or can be purchased separately.

User Account Manager (UAM)

Simplifies the management of user accounts in Microsoft networks. UAM manages the account through its complete lifecycle, from creation -moves - changes and finally deletion, all without the need for complex scripting knowledge. With the use of templates, bulk users can be imported all with the correct settings in a matter minutes.

user account manager Download the free 30 day evaluation copy of User Account Manager now » download now

Printer Connection Manager (PCM)

Simplifies the management of user printers in Microsoft networks. PCM manages the printer connections at login time, Does not rely on Group polices or AD Sites and subnets. The locations and printers can be all configured by administrator and then if needed the end user can change them, either user based printer or computer based or a mixture of both. Now when a user logs on to a computer they will have printers already connected. Users no longer need to waste time connecting printers each time they move to a different PC

user account manager Download the free evaluation copy of Printer Connection Manager now » download now

Desktop Support Tool (DST)

Simplifies the management of remote computers, Puts all the tools you need on the same form. - one click away. Can be fully customised by using Powershell scripts. Comes FREE with PCM purchase.

Desktop Support Tool Download the free evaluation copy of Desktop Support Tool now » download now