Frequently Asked Questions

How many licenses do I need ? (UAM) top
"User Account Manager" needs a license each time it is installed. For example: A company with 5 administrators on a help desk will need 5 licenses to install on each PC. A small school that has one administrator will require 1 license. Number of licenses is not related to the number of user accounts in the Domain.
Is there a user manual ? (UAM) top
Yes. In the install directory there will be a help file uam.chm Can also access it when running the program by pressing F1.
I Keep getting Windows error -2147022651 when creating users ? (UAM) top
Windows 2003 and above, by default requires a complex password, the password you have set is not complex. Example: Password1 is complex, as it has capitals and numbers
What platform does it run on? (UAM) top
UAM will run on Windows 2003 and upwards(Win7,Win8.1,Win10,Server 2008/2012/2016) - requires .Net 4.0
Are upgrades free? top
All upgrades up to version 3.39 have been free of charge, but from version 4.00 onwards a small maintenance fee applies. This will cover all support and upgrades for 12 months. The first 12 months is free with each license. After 12 months the renewals are optional, but will provide support and upgrades for another 12 months. Contact for upgrade pricing.
What payment methods do you accept? top
You can pay with credit card via PayPal, we also accept purchase orders.
just contact
What is the price of PCM? top
This depends on the number of PC's in your domain.
Just contact sales for a quote
How do I order PCM ?top
The price depends on the numbers of PC's in your domain.
just contact sales for a quote
What platform does it run on? (PCM) top
PCM will run on XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
Do you have an educational discount ? top
Yes we do give a discount to educational institutes, Email for a quote.